plant matter 6.1.21

hey besties, i hope everyone got some rest this long weekend.

i sat in the sunshine by the lake with dear vaxxed friends (and my pale thighs rewarded me with an angry burn), finished several crossword puzzles, slept late, and used a gift card i had from crate and barrel to buy this unnecessary but adorable kitchen appliance.

my motto for the upcoming week comes in the form of a quote from sunday’s here for it by r. eric thomas.

he writes:‘i have a no running, jumping, or sudden movements clause in my contract. the only leaping i’m doing is to conclusions, my cardio comes from mood swings. et cetera.’

do with that what you will!

and please subscribe to r. eric’s newsletter if you haven’t already because it will bring you joy every damn time. his book is great too.

here’s hoping for non-cardiovascularly challenging days ahead — sudden movements certainly kept to a minimum.

practice with me

restorative: wednesday 6pm cdt with coconut yoga. bring your pillows and blankets, and come ready to unwind. let me know if you’d like to claim my free guest pass.


my most used stasher bag is on sale for 20% off right now. i love this color.

my friend and all around wonderful, inspiring human carolyn writes the semi-weekly (bi- means twice a week semi- means every other and i will die on this hill) newsletter chronically cheerful. each issue offers a compassionate perspective on feeling as well as possible through times of struggle. her most recent reflections on the anxiety of ‘back to normal’ and fear of losing accommodations that actually made many of our lives a little easier throughout the pandemic really spoke to me. i highly recommend subscribing and joining her ig community for a dose of anti-ableism inspiration.

holy asdjhfsadkglkhasdfg these vases.

kulap and suchin told me nettle is good for your hair so i’ve been brewing a strong mugful and using it as a post shampoo rinse. jury’s still out on long term effects — supposedly the antioxidant properties of the plant protect your scalp from damage and stimulate new growth — but it does seem to make my hair feel extra soft the next day. alternate use case: soothing herbal beverage.

also in beauty news: this cute lil oil has been saving my dry skin.

i’m doing more hiit workouts in my home gym (aka bedroom + yoga mat + 3 lb weights) and i’m starting to get pain in my outer knees. based on my research (aka google + athletic friends + vague intuition) i think it’s probably an it band tightness thing. i stretch and foam roll like it’s my job though and the knees are still an issue. please send tips if you’ve experienced something similar. yes i know newsletter polling for medical advice is ill-advised.

in case you needed to hear this today.

lily and i are on the same wavelength re: the emotional intelligence gap.

a podcast reco from maia? groundbreaking. i’m loving sydnee washington’s new show hobby hunter for any time i need to laugh (or learn about uv resin).

degrowth to regrowth via kamea chayne.

this mezuzah is speaking to my soul.

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unnecessary kitchen appliance,

<3 maia