plant matter 5.24.21

have you ever heard a lyric more gd devastating than “i guess that therapist i found for you, she really helped”? olivia rodrigo is all of us who’ve shouldered the burden of men unlearned in the practice of emotional intelligence. who’ve labored to teach them self-reflection only to be drowned out by the applause they receive for Doing The Very Least™.

good 4 u brings me back to my butterfly clip wearing, avril stanning days of 2003, which, incidentally was the year ms. rodrigo was born. she’s rightfully declared health and happiness immediately post-breakup to be sociopathic behavior, and who are we to disagree? the 18 year old boy who allegedly “bought a new car” and whose career is “taking off” frankly had this coming.

i will not be moving on from the drop in the final chorus until i perish. truly, good 4 her.

p.s. if you’re new here, hello! welcome to the plant matter fam. imagine olivia rodrigo belting in the background as we induct you in with a warm embrace. i am always just an email away if you’d like to share your thoughts, feedback, or deepest secrets.

practice with me

intuitive movement: tuesday 6pm cdt with outer reach. 45 mins of guided improv to get sweaty and connect deeply to your bod. zero experience necessary. (sliding scale).

restorative: wednesday 6pm cdt with coconut yoga. bring your pillows and blankets, and come ready to unwind. (lmk if you’d like to claim my free guest pass).


last week, the antisemitism circulating on instagram became too emotionally expensive and i decided to delete the app off my phone. it’s hard though, to feel like if i’m not speaking out about it no one will. especially if you are not jewish, please include us in your activism. speak out against anti-jewish hate. review this guide for how to be an ally. bring it up to friends and family. also please remember this.

on the topic of social media, i felt like polly was reading my mind in this video. ig makes you feel like you’re ‘doing something’ when you’re actually (often) not. have any of you been stepping away as well? i’m planning on keeping the time i spend on the app to a minimum, but i also acknowledge that i’ve met cool people, discovered cool art, and legitimately learned things on there. i’m hoping more of us will congregate elsewhere on the internet, in spaces driven by community rather than consumption. please respond to this email and share your thoughts on this one!

i devoured hank green’s an absolutely remarkable thing last week and then promptly tore through the sequel. this series is so smart and warm, and actually (though this was unplanned) also explores themes connected to the pitfalls of social media. it’s both great escapism and deeply reflective of our current moment. let me know if you read or have read these books because i would love to discuss.

accepting my invitation to this backyard.

didn’t know i needed a wrap top with camels on it but here we are. (madetrade is doing a summer sale through 5/31) 🐪🌴

my interview with shellie-ann kerns of bunkhouse acres is available for your reading pleasure on closed loop cooking!

i want to make sure that fresh, nutrient-dense, local food becomes part of what’s on everybody’s table — so that it’s not just a metropolitan ideal.

why did no one ever tell me about the dazzlingly witty and soul-hugging wonder that is poog podcast?? i am not typically a re-listener, but friends, i have been through the entire catalog 2+ times now. their episode drops are the new highlight of my tuesday.

preordering one of my favorite writers’ upcoming memoir.

i have been looking for a leave-in moisturizer that works well on my hair for years, and thanks to my awesome pals alex and lindsay — the owners of low waste marketplace good intent — i think i found one. the teeniest dab makes it sooo soft. 

omigosh this opens in four days!! 🍦

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