plant matter 2.22.21


we’ve almost made it through february 👏👏👏. a tough month all around i’d say despite its perfect rectangularity.

is it too trite to say we’ve really got to celebrate the small wins? i’ve found that being radically self-congratulatory about even the tiniest, most mundane accomplishments is kind of the only way to keep pressing forward.

sent an email? pat yourself on the back. stretched a hamstring? standing ovation. folded laundry? someone alert the nobel prize committee!

really though, i hope we’re all softening our expectations and ramping up the self compassion. because even though we’ve been doing this global pandemic thing for a year, it’s still not normal and it’s still really f-ing hard.

also, if you’re in a position to avoid anywhere indoors besides your home, please do. restrictions might be easing up but covid itself is not.

thank you for being here! i hope this letter brings some lightness to your week <3

practice with me

restorative: wednesday 6pm cst with coconut yoga. bring your pillows and blankets, and come ready to unwind. let me know if you’d like to claim my free guest pass.


shoutout to kelsey for answering my call for tiktoks last week with this absolute gem. guess i’ll be warming my cat’s bed in the dryer for her now.

i’m extremely into these deflated cups and this highlighter tumbler from goldune. (p.s. we’ve got a profile on goldune’s founder coming soon to closed loop cooking!)

wowowow this parsnip and sweet potato mac and cheese might be my favorite clc recipe to date. so cozy!

could laugh at these all day.

my friend maché’s new song is on spotify! feels like boppin’ down the sidewalk on a sunny day.

if you’ve been here a while you know i love everything maya oren does. she recently launched her own newsletter, ronny, and it’s, predictably, a delight.

on her inspiration:

my father, ron was born in israel, a few short years after his parents had left everything they knew behind in turkey to move there. they lived simply with very little means, yet, they created a life robust with… life. when i visit my father’s family i am filled with belly laughter, warm food made by loving hands, and pure happiness at its core. we visit nature often, picking lemons and olives off trees to squeeze into water and add to salads, and sit outside sipping coffee and listening to the birds. we admire the beauty that surrounds us in that present moment. plain and simple. 

coveting this airy linen scarf in anticipation of warmer spring days. 26 days til the solstice!

and making these lemon cookies for further sunshine manifestation.

help our seeds grow at zumwalt acres! you can now donate directly through our website to help us create a carbon negative regenerative agriculture community in the heart of the midwest

a directory of resources for supporting those impacted by the texas weather crisis. share it far and wide.

just an exceptionally good outfit.

perfect rectangularity,