plant matter 2.15.21

hey fam,

keeping it short up top today because [insert distressing global and/or personal circumstance of choice here].

text a friend to let them know you’re thinking of them. locate the last tiktok that made you belly laugh and send it to five people (bonus points if one of them is me). get a bit of fresh air. relax your shoulders. breathe.

this week’s offering is below. take only what you need <3

practice with me

restorative: wednesday 6pm cst with coconut yoga. bring your pillows and blankets, and come ready to unwind.

strengthening flow: friday 5:30pm cst with outer reach. a 30-min energy booster to help you feel powerful and connected in your body. donation-based, pay what you wish.


shoutout to my clc fam for bringing this bop into my life.

a conversation with katie burdett of granor farm on closed loop cooking. small scale midwestern farms forever.

polly barks is a zero waste educator and activist who focuses on realistic and affordable strategies for sustainable living. i’ve learned a lot from her (almost entirely free) writings and resources, and i highly recommend checking them out no matter where you are in your environmentalism journey. if radical, accessible info for becoming a better steward of the planet sounds like something you’d be into, consider supporting her work on patreon. she’s giving it through march to reach $750/month to keep the doors open on her website and community projects because, in polly’s words, ‘straight-talking, anti-capitalist content doesn't pay the bills in traditional ways.’ she’s currently at $712 — let’s get her all the way there!

make sure you’re following along with loud bodies, a chicago dance organization that centers social activism. three very rad choreographers were just announced for their summer 2021 performance. i can’t wait to see what they create!

these sweatpants are truly the best. organic cotton, gender neutral sizing, super pretty garment dyed colors. size up for added coziness.

taylor’s kickstarter launches TOMORROW for instead — a card deck for people who want to scroll less. ‘pull a card whenever you get the urge to scroll, and you’ll be greeted with an affirmation, reflection, or activity to do instead.’ yes, please!

eying this vegan recipe from reigning food blog queen smitten kitchen for my next low-fuss weekend baking project.

if you love newsletters as much as i do, please subscribe to folu akinkuoto’s unsnackable. each week she rounds up obscure snacks and bevs from around the globe and describes them with such visceral detail, you’ll almost be okay with the fact that you’ll likely never get to consume them. an absolute quirky delight.

search for a concept, get an emoji!

the cutest sandwich bag to ever sandwich bag.

banana friends.

wow, no cow!