plant matter 3.29.21

chag sameach!

it’s pesach this week. can’t believe it’s the second one we’re observing without being able to gather with all our loved ones, but the celebration of spring has been a bright spot for me nonetheless.

passover encourages us to notice and honor the signs of rebirth happening all around this time of year. relish the purple petals peeking out of patchy grass. rest your eyes on the impossible chartreuse of baby leaves on high branches. savor a cheek-puckering rhubarb jam on matzoh.

zumwalt acres compiled a passover haggadah inspired by the principles of regenerative agriculture and our reciprocal relationship with nature. take a look, if you are so inclined.

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i talked to azora zoe paknad, the founder of goldune, about launching a small business during the panini, her favorite zero waste products, and making sustainability a little more fun. read the interview on closed loop cooking (been thinking about these plates ever since she recommended them).

i simply cannot get enough of kulap vilaysack and suchin pak on the add to cart podcast. so delightful.

urban growers collective launches its 2021 volunteering program this saturday 4/3. chicago folks can sign up for drop-in or recurring volunteering to learn about growing food, support this awesome org, and do something good for your community.

i’m super excited for this organic cotton rosehip robe i just ordered from made trade to arrive. i had a gift card and couldn’t decide what to use it on because there is just so much good there, but i’m feeling confident in my choice.

my friend esmé generously compiled this document listing some black folks in need who have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic and ways to support them, as well as resources for routinely distributing funds.

did you know you could register as a blood stem cell donor with just a cheek swab, and potentially save the life of a patient who’s your genetic match? i learned about how long many people need to wait for a transplant to become available to them, and how impactful it can be to join the registry from starling irving and her sister’s incredible story. anyone 18-44 can join.

this week plant matter readers recommended reading: the vanishing half by brit bennett + schopenhauer's porcupines by deborah anna luepnitz. dm me your recs anytime on instagram!

a powerful essay by alicia kennedy in which she addresses the question, ‘if, in new york city, it’s easy to trace vegan food from chinatown to a jamaican neighborhood in the bronx, why is the image of veganism in most omnivores’ heads so white?’

i’m intrigued by these slouchy neon bags, and also very into the funky effects on their website.

extremely relatable (via hawnuh lee).

cheek pucker,

<3 maia