plant matter 3.22.21

it’s tough out there, friends. i sincerely hope you are all taking the care and space you need.

as our intro this week, the wonderful kaitlyn chock has kindly offered to let me share some of what she wrote in friday’s clc weekly addressing the anti-asian hate crimes that occurred last tuesday.

tw: violence, racism (if that’s not for you right now, skip to the links after the jump)
we need to talk about the attacks on the asian community because every single life that is lost is a tragedy in and of itself. Delaina Ashley Yaun, Paul Andre Michels, Xiaojie Tan, Daoyou Feng, Julie Park, Hyeon Jeong Park and countless, countless others should still be here with us. they were killed in a senseless way because of a complicated and disgusting cocktail of racism, objectification and fetishization. the racism that affects asian women specifically is particularly insidious and it’s taken me too long to realize that. and it’s also taken me too long to realize how racism against any group negatively impacts all of this. for example, as a result of these attacks, the nypd has decided to deploy more police officers “out of an abundance of caution,” which will likely result in further criminalization of already marginalized communities.
i am a person with a tremendous amount of privilege and i’m going to do everything i can to draw attention to the various ways white supremacy, sexism and fetishization hold us all back and i encourage you to do the same. we’re all responsible. the work starts with us. this week, take time to think about the ways you perpetuate white supremacy, educate yourself with anti-racism resources and fight to decriminalize (and destigmatize) sex work.

sending love,

onto the links

snap up some of these gorgeous pomegranate textiles from nancy pappas and christine wong before they’re all gone! 50% of proceeds go to the asian american federation, a nonprofit advocating for better policies, services, and funding to #stopasianhate.

waffles + mochi, a new children’s show from our lord and savior michelle obama, is simply the content we need 13 months into the pandemonium. friend of closed loop cooking and pickle master extraordinaire jessica wang hosts a fermentation workshop in episode 4! i loved this snippet from helen rosner’snew yorker review of the show:

when the friends find themselves at the counter of kichi kichi omurice, a kyoto restaurant famous for a dish of seasoned rice topped with a custard-soft omelette, waffles is elated, but mochi meeps ambiguously. ‘mochi likes the taste, but not the texture,’ waffles interprets, and an entire generation of tiny food critics is born.

i love quite literally every piece of art hawnuh lee puts onto this earth but this toast friend has got to be one of my favorites.

home and relationship goals via daveed diggs + emmy raver-lampman's ad open door.

super excited about this new cookbook from tiktok royalty joanne l. molinaro (aka @thekoreanvegan). korean dishes, some traditional and some reimagined, all plant-based.

important words from lily diamond on spiritual bypassing.

a tedious but worthy citrus endeavor.

i credit jessica murnane’s one part podcast with turning me into a pod fanatic in 2015. it was my gateway into so many other shows and creators who i still keep up with now. she just wrote a book called know your endo to help people with endometriosis feel safer in their bodies and become their own best advocates.

paw paws, apples, and hazelnuts, oh my! in case you haven’t heard, we’re building a regenerative agroforest in sheldon, il. support our spring fundraiser by planting a tree in someone’s honor (or for yourself) at zumwalt acres. donate here or venmo @zumwalt-acres.

um, can someone please purchase this for me? thank you!

help individuals in baltimore access critical reproductive health services by donating to blessing ikpa’s fundraiser for the baltimore abortion fund. ‘with more abortion patients traveling to md from states with restrictive abortion regulations, the need for baf to provide financial assistance to our callers is greater than ever.’ support if you can!

i just love looking at this paper art.

paw paw for now,

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