plant matter 2.1.21

hello dear friends.

it is the first day of the week, and the first day of the month, in the second month of the year, and i thought to myself: this feels like a good time to send out the inaugural plant matter of 2021.

we’ve incurred quite a snowfall this week, and in the mornings i’ve been walking approximately four steps outside my door, scooping up a fluffy handful, tossing it in the air, and marveling as it falls, like the protagonist in a romcom discovering that *it really is the simple things in life.*

main character moments kind of end there though because i haven’t had the energy to equip myself properly for cold weather outings beyond the front stoop. we’re in the middle of a pon de replay! who’s got the stamina for snow pants??

anyway, i wanted to update you all on some new yoga things i have going on, and share some things i’ve loved around the internet lately. thanks for being here!


restorative: wednesday 6pm cst with coconut yoga. this class is a fuuullly relaxing experience. come ready to unwind and chill out. let me know if you’d like to use my free guest pass!

strengthening flow: friday 5:30pm cst with outer reach. a 30-min energy booster to help you feel powerful and connected in your body. donation-based, pay what you wish.

let me know if you’d ever like to schedule your own private or small group zoom sesh :)


i got to interview sabs of @sustainablesabs, a major internet crush of mine, for closed loop cooking! i loved these tips she shared for living a little more sustainably every day:

  1. You don’t need to go out and buy all of the sustainable products. Use what you have. A mason jar is great as a reusable waterbottle.

  2. Don’t let your food go to waste. Food that’s in a landfill ends up creating even more methane than plastic.

  3. Eat more plant-based! That’s often an easy way to majorly cut down on the energy and resources that are associated with the food you consume.

sorry if i’ve already texted you this cattok.

in my imagined reality i organize my to-do lists with beautiful notion templates, but in this reality i have 4 million notes app pages. any digitally organized folx out there? will you teach me?

my lower half exclusively dons joggers from miakoda and girlfriend now. zero tolerance policy for restrictive waistbands in this house.

also eyeing this very chic cotton romper from made trade to add to the rotation. if nonrestrictive waistbands are great, maybe nonexistent waistbands are even better?

my cooking / chores listening lately has been episode after delightful episode of who? weekly, a podcast that tells you everything you need to know about the celebrities you don’t. lmk if you want to discuss ben affleck’s unhinged coffee habits.

it’s black herstory month at free mvmt shop, and the team is releasing dance and sculpt classes featuring black female artists all month long to celebrate! y’all, i can’t even tell you how integral virtual classes at free mvmt have been for my mental health this winter. if you’ve been looking for a new way to get moving, i implore you to give this studio a try.

my icon + role model, who also happens to be my aunt and owner of roulette 18 jewelry, designs the most beautiful adornments inspired by nature and ancient symbolism. go check out her brand new website! (you might notice someone you recognize)

kaitlyn’s essay on ‘skinimalism’ for closed loop cooking is a must read whether you’re a skincare nut or just interested in mindful consumption of wellness products.

i’m guessing you’ve already seen this feat of acrobatic excellence, but if you haven’t please watch it now.

i lol’ed.

i’d love to hear about what’s keeping you going these days. reply to this email and let me know :)

marveling as it falls,


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