plant matter 10.5

hello friends,

how is everyone’s october going so far?

i’ve been enjoying time outdoors as much as i can while temperatures are still tenable, taking time to rest when i need it, and working furiously in moments of creative inspiration.

the full moon on saturday marked the beginning of sukkot, a celebration of the harvest in jewish tradition. we built a sukkah in our backyard as we do every year, but this year instead of s’chach, the roof is made with corn stalks plucked from the farm where my dad grew up, and where my sisters are currently living in central illinois. according to rabbinical teachings, the roof of a sukkah must be made from organic material, and its inhabitants must be able to see the stars when they look up at night. these mandates have always been especially meaningful to me as they encourage embodied connection to nature, which i think is the holiday’s central purpose. i’m trying to be present during this ephemeral season, and remembering to look up at stars whenever possible.

here’s something i wrote about the high holidays for closed loop cooking.

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gentle flow, wednesday at 6pm cst through coconut yoga. let me know if you’d like to come for free for your first time!

energetic 45-min all levels, sunday at 11am cst zoom link here. pay what you can. recordings available upon request.

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a newsletter i open as soon as it arrives: drawing links by edith zimmerman. she tells illustrated stories that are often incredibly simple and sometimes incomplete in thesis, but every week the narrative hits at something deeply relatable and human.

a must follow on insta: @queerbrownvegan aka isaias hernandez, who posts wonderfully informative slideshows defining terms related to environmental justice. here’s one i’m definitely adding to my lexicon.

an org to support: urban growers collective just reached one million pounds donated to folks in need of nutrient dense, culturally appropriate fruits and vegetables during covid-19. click here to get involved.

something i bought: a moisturizing body stone from kate mcleod. the zero waste lotion solution i didn’t know i needed.

a way to get moving: free mvmt shop offers live zoom classes every day in so many fun formats. i enrolled in their october ‘spooky booty’ challenge and it’s been a blast 😅.

something to eat: anything and everything from kopi cafe! i might be biased since my impossibly cool aunt and uncle are the proprietors of this iconic veg cafe, but i HIGHLY recommend you get yourself to andersonville for a takeout sandwich, soup, salad, or hummus plate. and definitely order some house-made kombucha, fresh pressed juice, and/or an espresso beverage of your choice to go with it. you can also purchase gift cards online. please support local biz, y’all!

that’s all for now.

gaze up at the stars tonight,

<3 maia